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Seth Green- Cute
New Seth Green movie yay! I'm actually not that thrilled about the rest of the movie, but I'll see it anyway just for him.

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The Cat Returns
I keep forgetting to write in here, oops! I've seen Death at a Funeral, which was pretty good. Alan Tudyk was hilarious, but hallucination-causing drugs freak me out haha! I enjoyed the movie, which I wasn't sure if I was going to since I was only watching it for Alan. I would write more about this, but I saw one of the best movies ever yesterday:

I went and saw Up. Usually I am way more excited to see Pixar movies. Not to say I wasn't excited, but I actually forgot about the traditional Pixar shorts until "Partly Cloudy" started. Then I got excited. As my sister said, "Only Pixar could make me feel sad for a CLOUD." If you haven't seen Up, the short "Partly Cloudy" is about where the stork gets the babies they deliver from. When they drop babies off at doorsteps or backyard dog houses, etc, they fly up to clouds, who are alive and create baby humans, cats, or dogs with pieces of clouds and electricity. All of the clouds and storks are happy except for two. One adorable cloud is an outcast. he only knows how to make scary animals. His stork always gets hurt from crocodiles, porcupines, sharks. It's a very very adorable short. When I saw the cloud looking sad and trying so hard to relate to everyone else, I thought, "I AM that cloud."

Now, about Up. I don't write about this a lot (my sister adventures does ;)), but I am a HUGE Disney and Pixar fan. I'm a fan of animated movies in general. Lately I feel like animated movies are a little bit lacking in the excitement and adventure that I loved so much as a kid. Well, Up fixed that. It reminded me of all those movies I love so much because it had the same feel, the same taste for adventure and creativity. Here's a few of the movies that suddenly came to mind while watching Up:

1. James and the Giant Peach
2. Kiki's Delivery Service
3. The Great Mouse Detective
4. Howl's Moving Castle
5. Rescuers Down Under

On top of that, Up reminded me of my younger self. The movie begins with two young kids meeting for the first time. One of them is very adventurous and has her own Adventure Book. That was just like me when I was a kid.

My mom and Mary said that throughout the movie they were wondering if it was going to be real or if it was a story the main character was writing. They said sometimes the story seemed too strange to be real. Well, since all these other animated movies came to mind, I was in the mindset of watching a movie that was a little bit out there and adventurous. Being an adult ruins movies sometimes, doesn't it? I mean, when Mary and I watched James and the Giant Peach when we were little we didn't think it was too far fetched.

My aunt said she cried during Up. I was expecting something sad to happen at the end, but I actually cried more at the beginning. The beginning is very sad, and for some reason I got the sad music from the beginning of Finding Nemo stuck in my head, so that made me sadder. Lately I've been very hesitant to cry during movies, I'm not sure why. I used to love to cry at sad endings, etc. But yes I did cry at the beginning of this movie and throughout.

As for the movie itself: It's like Kiki's Delivery Service- it's perfect. That's all I'm going to say. :)

They aim to misbehave
River Tam
Okay, I haven't watched 28 Days or Death at a Funeral yet, but I wanted to stop by to share some exciting news. I might be going to Can't Stop the Serenity in Boston on June 20th!!! Now, what is this exactly? Basically it's a screening of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Serenity!!! I'm SO EXCITED!

Well, I don't know if I'm going yet. But still. I am so pumped to see Serenity on the big screen! When I watched it on DVD at home I was cursing myself, wishing I had become a Joss Whedon fan sooner.

(If I go, I'm also going to a book signing with Amber Benson in Boston on June 19th SQUEE! Is that a Whedontastic Weekend or what?)

No words can describe how much I love River Tam. And everybody else of course :)
River Tam

I'm so lazy, I just grabbed this picture off Facebook haha!

I watched Serenity on Friday, but I haven't had time to post about it here. This is what I wrote about it over at lunaloooo:

Before we watched the movie we watched Joss's introduction to it on the DVD. He was so passionate about the show and the fans that Mary and I started crying. every time Joss talks about Firefly I cry. Then we finally started the movie. At first I was a little annoyed because while the show is golden and bright, the movie is dark blue. At least in the beginning it is. And there were less close up shots of the characters, so it felt less personal. But after a while it got a lot better. In the middle of it my aunt and uncle showed up to deliver a hat they ordered for my sister off Ebay. It was perfect timing because the hat is from Firefly. My sister showed them the episode of FF where Jayne gets the hat. Then we wasted some time watching the Robot Chicken Star Wars bumps, which made my uncle laugh really hard. He said, "This shouldn't be funny." And yet it is funny, because it's Seth Green and Breckin Meyer haha! Finally we started the movie up again. My family and I were planning on going out to see Star Trek, so we wanted to finish it before then. Sadly, we had to leave before we finished it. We left right after Wash died. :( I think his death is one of the saddest Whedon deaths. Tara was just horrible and terrible, so nothing can beat that. But Wash JUST SAVED EVERYONE ELSE'S LIFE! He was happy! He was in the middle of saying, "I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar!" when the stupid GIANT MISSLE or whatever it was came out of no where and killed him. :( :( :( But anyway, the movie was great, and River Tam kicked some major ass! She was incredible. However, Shepard Book died before we found out if he was a real Shepard or not. Hmmm...

SQUEEEE I looooove Firefly and I wish there was moooooore!!!! River Tam is one of my favorite characters ever, and when she ran off to kick ass after Simon was injured... *shakes head* That was awesome. There were a lot of fantastic shots that I just adored. Like the shot where River is listening to the people in the place they raid in the beginning- the camera sweeps down from River to the person crouching on the ground. I can't describe it very well haha! The best shot ever is of Mal giving his inspiring speech with the startling light in the background. Beautiful, beautiful. Of course every shot of River has to be very careful composed. I think that's why I love that character so much :) The one complaint that I had is that Inara wasn't in it enough. It turns out most of her scenes were deleted. :( I love her too. But I did love love love that awkward scene between her and Mal on the phone. And everyone was listening to them haha! It was a great touch having Mal just getting out of bed with his shirt off and his hair all messy hahahahahaha! Wash also didn't have enough screen time, but that's how he was on the show too. Why why WHY did he have to die? :( Anyway, Alan did a great job, as usual. I love the entire sequence of Wash flying through the Reevers and crashing down on the planet- "I'm a leaf on the wind!" I'll be watching the other Alan Tudyk movies soon.

Oh, Dollhouse was picked up! YAY!

I also saw Star Trek. I have never seen anything ST, so this was the first time. I enjoyed it. I'm starting to become a fan of J.J. Abrams, so. It was fun going out to see it right after watching Serenity haha! I thought the younger actors were really great. The action scenes were enjoyable. I couldn't get comfortable in my seat so I felt like I wasn't enjoying it as much as I could have. But seating doesn't really affect me. I enjoyed it, but I don't think I'll watch it more than once. Hm... I don't know. My parents love ST, but I don't think my Dad liked it. My mom didn't get the alternate universe aspect to the story, so I had to explain it haha! I thought the characters in the movie were delightful! My mom bought the movies on DVD so maybe I'll end up watching them at some point.

A Few Alan Tudyk Movies I've Rented
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Can't wait to watch these!

Death at a Funeral

28 Days

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Stardust Dance
I've been a little preoccupied by Joss Whedon lately. I finally started watching Firefly, and I just requested the movie for that show, Serenity. It looks freakin' AWESOME! I'm so excited to watch it. Actually, this movie was on TV two weeks ago and I watched part of it- unluckily the part where my favorite character dies. :( Oh well. This always happens to me when it comes to Joss Whedon haha!

Since watching Dollhouse and Firefly I've become a huge Alan Tudyk fan. So I'm requesting his movies from the library. Yay!

Otherwise, I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Meh, it was okay, I guess, but since the cool side characters only had ten minutes each, I was frustrated. I'm a character person, and it bugs me when cool characters don't get enough screen time. The coolest character, played by Ryan Reynolds, was screwed up at the end. I bet if Bryan Singer had done it it would have been better. I loved the performances of the lesser characters, especially Ryan Reynolds. I kept forgetting he was in the movie before I saw it. When I did see it, he stepped right in there like he owned the place. Awesome.

Scrambled Brain. Can't Stay Focused
Love on Mars
I FINALLY watched Chaplin. I haven't been doing well on watching Robert Downey Jr. movies. The Soloist is coming out YAAAAYYYY! I've been waiting for that movie to come out for forever! Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hollander, and Joe Wright. AWESOME!

Anyway, Chaplin was good. RDJ was awesome at capturing Chaplin, but I'm not a huge fan of the movie. *shrug* I don't have much else to say about it. I'm terrible, aren't I? This is when it's a problem that I don't rate/grade movies. It was an enjoyable film, but I didn't have any favorite parts. I don't think I'll watch it again, but maybe I should, to give it another try and find favorite scenes. I have seen two Chaplin films thus far- not enough haha! I've seen Modern Times and The Kid. I've read a little bit about him too, so I knew before I saw the film that he was kicked out of the country.

I still have Seth Green's Party Monster to watch. I don't know, I'm just not sure if I'm going to like this or not. I've seen clips of it, and Seth seems amazing in it. I should do the same thing I did with Idle Hands; just put it in the damn DVD player and not give a crap.

I finished my first screenplay today, at 2:35! Yay me! I've never finished anything before. <3
Guess who inspired characters for my screenplay? :PCollapse )

I think Tom Lenk is working on a movie right now. I'm super excited about it, because I'm aching to see Tommy on the screen. I've seen some of his internet work, which is funny, but... Oh, he said in an interview that he'd love to be in a sitcom. Yes, that would be awesome too :) Or he can mosey on over to Dollhouse. ;) Anything he does I'll be happy with. I think he directs/writes plays too, but I can't go see those. :(

Pictures of You, Pictures of Me
Doc Brown BTTF
I went to see 17 Again last night and got a pleasant surprise. Zac is always good, but I loved his best friend character, who is a rich geek who only buys Star wars and Lord of the Rings stuff, etc. He was so funny, and played by Thomas Lennon, who was also funny in I Love You Man. I liked this movie better than I Love You Man. I'm not quite sure why I'm not a big fan of that movie. there was just something about it... anyway, I wouldn't watch it more than once. As for 17 Again, I had a blast watching this movie because of the geek factors (plus, Back to the Future reference! It's pretty much BTTF in reverse). Zac and Thomas have a light sabor fight! How awesome is that???

There were some awesome trailers before this film. The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was the first trailer to play, and yet again I cheered for five seconds of Breckin Meyer hahaha! Actually, I've been seeing some awesome trailers a lot lately. There are sooo many movies I want to see this year (a lot of them are actor based haha! Some of them are not NEED-TO-SEE movies, but I put them there anyway):

1. My Sister's Keeper
2. Land of the Lost
3. Year One
4. The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
5. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
6. Old Dogs
7. Public Enemies
8. Night at the Museum 2
9. X-Men Origins- Wolverine
10. The Soloist
11. The Brothers Bloom
12. Up
13. Funny People
14. Julie and Julia
15. When in Rome
16. The Post Grad Survival Guide
17. The Time Traveler's Wife
18. Where the Wild Things Are
19. The Box

I might add more later.

P.S. How the hell do people rate movies 1-5? I've been trying to do it on Facebook, but then I end up giving the same grade to 17 Again and slumdog Millionaire. It's hard grading 1-5 stars. I need 1-10. That's easier.

Shooing Away Donkeys
Matthew Goode &lt;3
This is exactly my kind of movie. Character driven, charming, and funny. Beautiful setting. Simple storyline. And Matthew Goode :D

The movie is about an English family who moves to Greece before WWII. The family is eccentric, especially the youngest son who has a passionate interest in wildlife. He brought back memories of my own childhood. I remember going outside and gathering bugs. Haha! I don't do those types of things anymore. Also, when he describes how every day had a certain timelessness to it, that reminded me of my childhood too. Who wouldn't think of their childhood after hearing that quote? I miss those days, when nothing really mattered. Time moved so slowly. Now everything goes so fast I can hardly remember it. Anyway, this is the perfect movie to watch when you want time to slow down.

Matthew played a really annoying yet adorable jack ass older brother of the family (there's also another sister and brother). He was sooo funny! My sister and I rewound most of his scenes several times. :) I loved his big round eyes more than usual in this movie :D I think I showed this clip already, but it definitely is worth another viewing:

Favorite Matthew Goode Movies in Order:
1. My Family and Other Animals
2. Imagine Me & You
3. Watchmen
4. Chasing Liberty
5. Brideshead Revisited
6. Match Point

Even though Watchmen is my favorite movie, and I love Ozymandias, I like Matthew better in MFAOA and IMAY better. He's so adorable :D

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Seth Green- Cute
I watched Can't Hardly Wait yesterday and liked it a lot more than I thought. The main characters were lame and boring, but the side characters/actors, like Seth Green and Breckin Meyer, were very funny. The movie is about a huge high school party that takes place after graduation, and every senior attends. So there were a LOT of people in the movie. So many people that every person had five minute parts... Almost everyone. I missed so much dialogue because I kept getting distracted and saying, "Is that who I think it is?"

Actors from Buffy in this movie:
1. Seth Green
2. Amber Benson
3. Paige Moss
4. Buffy guest Star from Season 3- Zombie from The Zeppo
5. Buffy guest star from Season 1- Invisible Girl
6. Buffy guest star from Season 3- Crazy guy from Beauty and the Beasts- I think I saw him in this movie...

Robot Chicken:
1. Seth Green
2. Breckin Meyer
3. Donald Faison

And then I recognized these people too:

1. Melissa Joan Hart
2. Jennifer Love Hewitt
3. Leslie Grossman
4. Jason Segel

Seth's character Kenny Fisher was this guy trying so hard to fit in by being a wannabe rapper. He was so awkward and silly and his scenes were cringe worthy, but in a good way. Seth made the character adorable by showing moments of weakness every once in a while. He played this character while playing Oz in Season 2 of Buffy (I think Season 2), and it was fun to see him play someone totally different from Oz (though all of his characters are different from Oz :)). Also, in the movie he was driving a big blue van... Hmm... I wonder if it was the Oz van? :D


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