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A dreamy, romantic, or sentimental quality

19 July 1990
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Not a Place to Critique
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Star * Dust
1. A dreamlike, romantic, or uncritical sense of well-being
2. A dreamy romantic or sentimental quality

Basically, I sometimes feel that people are missing the point of movies these days. So here is a place for me, lunaloooo to write about movies that I enjoy. No reviews or critiques to spoil anything. Just pure enjoyment. Part of this is to provide a place for me to freak out and squee over films that I'm super excited for. In ten years I'll look back on this journal and remember all the movies I loved and looked forward to.

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Upcoming Films I Really Want To See:

The Soloist
Directed by Joe Wright
Jamie Fox, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hollander

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